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Thank You Valued

I have been using Green World Path products to spray my bushes for over a year now. The amount of growth and condition of the shrubs and trees is absolutely unbelievable. I purposely planned to fill in the back of our home for privacy and noise factor and the Green World Path products used certainly attained that goal for us.

– Saundra & Roberty Piercy

Attached are pics of a couple of our Carlos grape vines taken the 2nd week in July. As you can see the fruit is abundant and developing nicely, the foliar growth is rich and healthy. Our vines are three years old and are showing exceptional growth this year. We grow Carlos, Nobles, and Delicious all of which are doing very well this year.

I have been applying a mix of 6 Green World Path products since pruning in late January. Monthly I have been broadcasting 1/2 pound/vine of Chick Grow granular, followed by alternating a root wash and foliar spray mix of MineralPlex, Ion Soil Conditioner, Eco Plus, Fish & Total. We have had a good growing season, lots of rain at the right time and the vines have responded.

Thank you for the help you have been this past yea. I have enjoyed working with you and getting to know the products from Green World Path.

Best Regards,

-Chuck Hollweg
Hollweg Farms

Today, I met with a farmer who had a MAJOR problem with thrips and leaf hoppers. We sold him Outbound and had not heard anything from him.

He said he had sprayed his entire greenhouse twice, and they are completely gone. None have shown up for over a week now. He was so excited about the product he talked with me for over an hour and wants a complete program of products for his greenhouse and is considering HayGraze for his 100 acres of hay. Another very happy farmer.

– Derryl

I wanted to share with you how pleased I am with your product Total. I have used the product now for almost a year and have seen great results in my blackberry crop. The plants were hardier and the fruit sweeter than I had experienced the last growing season. My tomato plants were more disease resistant and produced longer with increased yields. I also Total as a seed inoculant for my contract grow of 500 Simpson Stoppers (myrcianthes fragrans) resulting in quicker germination and hardier plants.

– Elain P. Fortier

On the whole, the results I’ve had using Total, Eco and Outbound over the past three seasons have been great. I’m competing against other tree and shrub care providers that use conventional salt-based root fertilization and chemical pesticides which have no nutritional value. Though I’m biased, I would say that the properties I care for look better (more lush, better foliage color, fewer overall insect and disease problems) than those of my competitors.

– Bernie Car
Owner, Organic Air, Tree, & Shrub Care

An area approximately ten acres in size that has always produced about half of what the rest of the land now produces almost as much as what my “good” land produced thanks to Total and Eco.

– Steve
Canola Farmer

A farmer agreed to try the product and his tomatoes grew extremely high and are loaded with tomatoes. I visited him last Saturday and he held up a plant and it was over his head. He is taller than me. He has already had tomatoes and said they are the best tasting he has ever experienced.


I’m purchasing more GrowTowers. They make caring for plants much easier. Not much bending, weeds are at a minimum, and watering can be controlled easily. I’m very pleased.

– Patti K.

Through my distribution network, Green World Path products have found their way and are used on farms growing most all types of crops. The farm owners and management have reported back to me frequently with their complete satisfaction of the results of the products. I constantly hear “increased growth and yield, protection of infestations such as fungus, insects, nematodes, etc.

– Mike H.

This hill resisted growth. After the two reseedings we used a mixture of one gallon each of Ion, ECO, and Total for four acres. Three weeks later green shoots were coming up and as you can see, one week later it was serious. What happened here, I have no idea. I did a lot of praying and it could have been with God’s help or Ion, I don’t know.

– Wade S.

While transplanting tomato seedlings to containers, I decided to experiment with two plants. Adding worm castings to the grow media in one container, but not the other was the only difference between the two. Using Green World Path Total for the entire duration, the plant growing in the container with worm castings is now 60% taller (26” vs 16”) and the main stalk is 50% larger in diameter (. 37” vs. 25”) over its companion plant. This result further exemplifies the relationship between the science of the soil food web, Green World Path products, and the instructional classroom discussions conducted by Green World Patch staff and guest speakers.

– Sam F.

I have been working with Rob for two years. He has proven to me that Green World Path’s HayGraze is the way to lower input costs per acre and higher yields for my 140 acres of hay. Last year I got cuttings on most of my acreage and my cost per acre for fertilizer and amendments totaled about half of what I used to spend with synthetic fertilizers. My hay is top horse quality and my customers appreciate that the hay is organically grown.

– Joe D.

I want to thank you for the excellent feedback and guidance you are giving us when we ask questions. You have helped us setup programs and procedures to present to potential customers. The last two days we have seen a tremendous response from our efforts of calling on possible customers.

– Derryl

Here is the picture of the annual I saved! It was DEAD. It had two scraggly little brown branches and was about to be thrown out by John. I saved it! LOL. I started giving it Total Plus and now look at it!! This is an annual and is now over a year old. I am also going to send you a picture of an annual that is over 3 years old and went from those little annuals you buy at Walmart to this big plant with Total Plus. It is ready to be re-potted again!

– Jill

Early 2010, I started attending Green World Path weekly seminars to learn more about organic gardening and organic principals. At one of those seminars, a guest speaker introduced me to raised bed and container gardening as I did not have a lot of space to work with. Starting with several containers and two raised beds, my first step into gardening without the use of commercial fertilizers was more of a stumble to say the least. In conversation with the staff at Green World Path about the slow growth and stunting of several plants, they educated me on how to use Green Tek Total and Outbound products. Since then, I can’t believe the results! This bell pepper in my hand was now dense and hefty—amazingly different from the same plant that produced dwarf and thin walled fruit in spring. Cutting it open revealed thick, fleshy walls indicative of its heft when I picked it off the vine, but better yet was a taste of its robust flavor when I sneaked a morsel from the cutting board. GreenTek total is truly an unbelievable product that delivers remarkable results!

– William D.

I think spring is finally here to stay and I think it is time to fertilize my pastures again. My wife and I were so pleased with the results we witnessed after you fertilized with GreenTek Haygraze last spring and fall. I want you to use the same formula that you have been using. I believe that is your HayGraze and Eco. It is so comforting to know that these products that work so well and make our pastures thrive are so safe for us and our horses. It really makes it convenient that we don’t have put our horses up in the barn for days like you have to do when chemical fertilizers are applied.

Please give us a call and let us know when you can come, our horses are anxiously awaiting the luxurious green pastures that appear after you have fertilized!

– Don & Emma K.

I don’t know if it is your product or not, but in all the years I have been farming I have never seen my crop as good as it is on the acreage I used for trial. I have hay and clover in places on that field I have never had before. I am going to cut it a week early than I planned, because it is getting so thick and tall.

– Edward M.
Farmer from Michigan

Two years ago when the cost of synthetic fertilizers skyrocketed I came to Green World Path seeking an effective and affordable alternative for fertilizing my horse pastures. Your staff was very helpful and I have been able to cut my input costs by one half. I have greener and healthier pastures that have been fertilized with products that are safe for my horses and friendly to the environment. It’s a win win situation now at my ranch. This cowboy hat is off to all of you at Green World Path!

– Rob R.

I wanted to make a few comments in reference to the products and Green World Path in general.

I have been very satisfied with (custom formulated products) TCO-NuLife, TCO-Microbalance and TCOS-Gro. The manufactured quality has been excellent and the service and support has been outstanding. It seems everybody at Green World Path has done a great job. They are always so pleasant to work with and cooperative. By and large they do what they say they are going to do,
and I truly appreciate that.

I have been testing products with the Solvita carbon dioxide analysis. It is proving the performance of the products. Soil with TCO-NuLife tests very high on the scale even one year after application when applied with fish in the Fall.

I also compared TCO-NuLife with glyphosphate Roundup) to virgin sod. This sod had never had a chemical applied. The soil with TCO-NuLife and glyphosphate (Roundup)tested almost as high as the virgin sod. Great performance without a doubt. These Solvita tests really impress the farmers. In addition, I proved that anhydrous kills the soil life.

I have had good reports of TCO S-Gro. A big organic farmer said he has never seen soybeans with such shine on the leaves. Another farmer reported raising organic popcorn that made 4000 lbs. to the acre at 35cents per lb., thats not a bad return. He used TCO-NuLife, TCO-Microbalance, TCO S-Gro and fish.

I look forward to working with you all in the future and just wanted to let you know, you all are appreciated for your talents, attitude and solid business sense.


Cedar Fog has been a very effective product for bug control. There has been no harm to plants, no problem with dishes, clothing, furniture, walls, or floors. My application process has been to open all doors, drawers, and cabinets and walk through the house with the Dyna-FOG Hurricane fogger directing the fog to all crevices, closets, cabinets, and corners of the house with the central fans blowing. I do use goggles and a breathing filter. I have entered the house within an hour with only a pleasant aroma of cedar and no irritation to eyes or breathing. The entire process takes about one-half hour and the satisfaction of using organic is something I am proud to know and share.

– Larry

After trying Total for the first time, I witnessed a dramatic improvement in the plants in my garden. Now I use Total on everything!

– Patti K.

A year ago we got a heavy rain the day after I fertilized my horse pastures with a chemical fertilizer. I was pleased to see a dark greening about 3 days later. Four of my horses became ill with the diagnoses being Laminitis. The Vet said the horses suffered from this from grazing on the grass that was infused with nitrates from the chemical fertilizer. I learned about Greentek HayGraze from a neighbor that has been using it with great success. I now no longer worry for my horses when my pastures are fertilized.

– Carey M.
Dade City, FL

This is unbelievable to me. These three hosta plants were frozen a few weeks ago and they were doing nothing. I filled some quarts and gallon bottles of TOTAL from a 5 gallon container. I rinsed out the 5 gallon container and just dumped the TOTAL out on the soil near the hostas. I had no intention of helping the hosta, since I thought they were gone. This is growth after 1 1/2 weeks. I thought I was going to pull them out because they were not growing and the leaves were shriveled up. If someone told me this, I would have a hard time believing this, but they are my plants and I saw this with my own eyes.

This product is amazing and this is what we are hearing from our customers.

Maybe that is why I have had a few nights with little sleep… it is the noise from these plants growing so fast.

– D.F.

Before planting this years crop 1 quart of Total and 1 quart of Eco were applied to the land in the fall of 2010. In the spring of 2011 before seeding 247 pounds of Nitrogen and 57 pounds of Phosphate were broadcast on the land and worked into the soil. Liberty L150 Canola was then broadcast seeded at approximately 3 to 4 pounds per acre. Once it was time to spray, I mixed in Ion for Soil at a rate of 1.5 quarts per acre with the Liberty spray, having no problems at all spraying the mixture. Just before the canola started to bolt I applied 3 quarts per acre of Total through the pivot, normally I would have used liquid fertilizer to top dress the canola at a rate of 15 pounds per acre. One week later I applied 1 quart per acre of Eco and 1 quart per acre of Liqua Sul, also through the use of the pivot. I then continued to irrigate the crop as normal until it was time to harvest. It was a very hot and dry summer so I irrigated constantly never really giving the ground a chance to dry out and yet I had very little Scloratenia in my field, this was the second year in a row for canola being grown on this land. With the constant irrigating I would have expected the water to run ahead of the pivot, especially on the hillsides, but that was not the case. I had dug some test holes to see what the root zone looked like and I was very impressed by the amount of root structure that was present in the soil. Once the crop was harvested it averaged approximately 63 bushels per acre. The thing that really sold me on the GWP products was an area, approximately ten acres in size, that has always produced about half of what the rest of the land produces and it produced almost as much as what my good land produced.

– Steve

A couple of hours ago a farmer called me and asked me to stop by if in the area and look at his tomatoes. A first he didn’t tell me if there was a problem or what was going on. He paused and then said, “I have never seen tomatoes look like this. The plants are huge and full of tomatoes. You need to see this.” I told me I could have all of the tomatoes I wanted for home until they were gone.

– D.F.

I probably run to many cattle on my acreage and the quality and quanity of available grass for grazing was becoming poor. After two applications of HayGraze my pastures have rebounded and I have been able to cut back on the supplemental hay I was buying to keep the cows fed. I can’t ever see me going back to the old costly ways of fertilizing that I had been doing for years.

– John E.

Summer and Fall of 2009 was rapidly becoming a disaster for our crops. Heavy rains, no sun, and cool temperatures. We were worried about our crops finishing. We applied 2 quarts of MicroPlex with 10 gallons of water and 9 days later our crops went from flat pods to filled beans. Many of our neighbors crops turned black and died. We made it through 28 degree weather and finished the crop thanks to MineralPlex.

– Mike H.

I have 25 acres of grazing pastures for my boarding stable of 25 horses. Fertilizer and purchasing hay are two big expenditures. When I switched to Green World Path’s Greentek HayGraze I reduced my fertilizer costs and was very pleased with the results. My boarders have commented that they like the fact that their horses are grazing on grasses that are naturally grown.

– Paige C.
C & H Boarding Stables

A couple of years ago I learned of a natural way to fertilize my horse grazing pastures. Green World Path’s HayGraze is a safe and cost effective way to fertilize my pastures. It can even be applied with my horses in the pasture.

– Jane M.
Dressage Trainer


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