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our non-toxic agricultural products, organics, and beyond are sold worldwide

Green World Path has helped small and large farmers alike by providing a means to market their crops as high value by growing them without toxins. Using Green World Path products lets farmers obtain higher prices which adds to their sustainability and the prosperity of their local community. 

Some species of plants will have higher refractive index related to a higher sugar (Sucrose) mineral and protein content. High sugar content makes for food that is sweeter tasting and that contains higher levels of minerals and nutrients. It will also have a lower nitrate content, lower freezing point, and longer storage and shelf life. Green World Path products are formulated to produce the highest quality plant Sucrose.

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Product List

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Our Plant and Soil Nutrients and Amendments

Total Plus™ is our flagship product and has been successfully used on all crops worldwide

TOTAL PLUS™ contains naturally occurring soil biologicals that contribute to building healthy and balanced soil.

TOTAL PLUS™ increases soil conductivity, a more massive root structure, enabling plants to uptake more nutrition through deeper rooting systems.  Contains and promotes the naturally occurring soil biologicals that contribute to building healthy and balanced soil. Total Plus increases soil conductivity that releases more energy to the plants also, energy from the sun through photosynthesis. Total Plus contains many organic charged carbons, micronutrients and other reproductive ingredient sources derived from land and sea.  Total Plus is also used successfully by indoor climate controlled, high value specialty crop growers. 


Suggested application rates:


Foliar-applied: Mix 6 to 8 oz. of Total Plus with each gallon of water needed to spray total acreage. Spray foliage until slightly wet.

Soil-applied: Mix 1 to 3 quarts of Total Plus per gallon of water needed to spray total acreage. Before, right after, or through fertigation system.

For average turf grass 8 to 10 oz. of Total Plus mixed with sufficient water to cover each 1,000 sq. ft.  Reapply as needed.

HAYGRAZE ™ for increased quality, pasture growth, and harvested tonnage.

Haygraze is used to produce high-quality livestock and to increase  pasture growth for harvests stored in bails and silos for haygraze. Haygraze is very high in available energy and nutrition and also contains special, dedicated major and minor nutrients including other natural organic carbons that produce high-quality pastures and hay. Haygraze increases total digestible nutrients (TDN). Haygraze also increases the vitamin content and volume density. Haygraze promotes a deeper mass root structure for greater uptake of water and nutrients. Haygraze also increases the soil water holding structure to promote crop health through periods of less rainfall and even in arid areas. Haygraze promotes faster recovery after each cutting and intense pasturing. and promotes faster and increases beef cattle weight gain. Haygraze also increases dairy milk production and test weight. Haygraze is a concentrated liquid produced through Green World Path’s proprietary intensifying process.

Use 8 to 10 oz. Haygraze for each 1 gallon of applied water.  Spray field until slightly wet.  Haygraze may be applied before or after seeding and after each cutting or grazing and as needed.


As all farm soils may differ in nutrients content and soil porosity please fill out our Soil and Crop Questionnaire and email it to for more precise applied product dosage of all Green World Path Products. We want to make your hay crops the best ever.

NUTRIAFISH™ is a condensed hydrolyzed fish nutritional. Our concentrated fish fertilizer has become well recognized and accepted as a soil and foliage applied nutritional for most every plant that grows. There are several processing methods utilized. Green World Path uses a cold press process to preserve the natural occurring beneficial biologicals, nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and growth hormones, no added water. The naturally occurring enzymes assist to break down the fish into a liquid. Our product is low in fish odor and can be naturally eliminated by your preordering without harm to product. Certain values added by request.  

General Application Rates:

NutriaFish for foliage applied mix 1 gallon of product with each 100 gallons of water spray until foliage is slightly wet.

Soil applied – 1 gallon per acre mixed with sufficient amount of water. Apply through any applicable applicator.

For specialty high value crops grown in grow pots using potting or compost mix use 1 oz. mixed with sufficient water for each sq. Ft. of potting grow media as needed. NutriaFish can be added to container hand watering at the rate of 1/2 oz. per each gallon of water. Use in timed automatic watering systems, inject 16 oz. of NutriFish per each 1,000 gallons irrigation water or as needed.

MINERAL PLEX™ contains all major and minor nano-size micronutrients.

MINERAL PLEX™ contains all major, minor and nano-size micronutrients combined with Green World Path’s own exclusive organic chelation and delivery system for complete utilization by all plants. Mineral Plex increases quality, growth, yield, taste and shelf life and also provides for higher grain test weights and raises total digestible nutrients (TDN) in pasture and hay crops, livestock feed, and increases the shelf life of row crops, fruit, vegetables, and all tree crops. Mineral Plex increases plant energy and defense systems to protect against infestation and insects.

Mineral Plex is of the highest quality concentrations available. It is naturally utilized when foliar or soil applied. Mineral Plex increases soil conductivity and Brix (Sucrose content) of all plant tissue, including shelf life when harvesting  fruits, vegetables, grain crops. and nut tree crops resulting in better taste and healthier vitamin and mineralized food for people and animals, of course environmentally friendly.

Foliage:  mix 4 to 5 oz. to each 1 gallon of applied water.  Spray all crops foliage until slightly wet.  Soil applied 4 to5 oz. an acre with sufficient water or through irrigation.  Like all Green World Path Products Mineral Plex can be mixed with other non-toxic liquid products.  Always use jar test mix for compatibility.


Contact us for more information.

HUMACHARGE™ contains the highest quality source of Humic and Fulvic acid molecules that bind to water and nutrients.  Help plants increase root structure receive optimum nutrition that can dramatically increase yields.  Contains beneficial biologicals.

 There is a great deal more about the types, sources and production methods to Humic Acid. Green World Path has taken Humic Acid to much higher levels of quality, function, and performance. Our research, first off, tested many sources of Humic Acid and the claims that are being made by others. We discovered the highest, most concentrated, molecular structured Humic Acid in the world. It is a more substantial, dense arrangement of ions containing nano type impressions whereby naturally occurring biologicals can be housed in safety, multiply and released into the existing soil. Humacharge also increases the soil conductivity and the highest in CEC (Cation exchange capacity) providing for the release of energies in a form obtainable by all vegetation.  Allowing for a more significantly reduced need for applied nutrients promoting the soil to promoting the soil to rebuild itself, while reducing runoff of nutrients, preventing surface, groundwater and downstream contamination. 

Humacharge can be Soil and foliage applied and through fertigation.   Depending on soil conditions Humacharge can be applied as high as 2 gallons per acre, however, smaller and more applications up to 32 oz. per acre mixed with sufficient water is also, desirable.  Humacharge when foliage applied can be sprayed at a rate of 6 to 8 oz. mixed with sufficient water.  Spray foliage until slightly wet.  

When applying Humacharge to potting soil use 2 to 4 oz. for each cubic foot of potting mix.  You will note more massive rooting system, increased quality and yield.  Can be applied before and after seeding or resets.

You should know that Green World Path products are highly concentrated making them very applied cost effective. Although Green World Path expanded rapidly in the green agriculture growing arenas, our products have successfully found their way into other specialty high-value crops. These include tree and row crops that produce high antioxidants, vitamins, oils, even hemp, and cannabis for legal medical health purposes. We want to be your provider for all your crops nutritionals and plant protection products for any type of crop you may be growing. We are always available for questions and don’t forget that we always learn a great deal from our notox growing associate friends Together Growing Green.

55 gallon drums
2.5 gallon x 2 = 5 gallons per carton
275 gallon totes

Our Plant and Soil Protection

ECO PLUS™ was developed to prevent or stop infestations including fungus, mold in all agriculture and medicinal Cannabis and Hemp growing enterprises.


ECO Plus™ is an entirely natural, proprietary multi-link chain polymer with other charged natural value-added ingredients that prevent or stop infestations such as fungus, mold in all crops. Eco increases soil permeability and controls nematodes that attack the root structure. Eco can be soil or foliar applied.  45 years of research and successful results.  Of course, is all natural, and environmentally friendly.  Like all Green World Path products ECO Plus does not contaminate lakes, streams, estuaries or oceans.

Let’s help save the environment!


OUTBOUND™ controls all flying and chewing insects that destroy plants.


OUTBOUND™ naturally controls flying, chewing and soil-borne insects that destroy plants. Use as a foliar or soil-applied spray. Containing proprietary condensed essential oils with other natural value-added inputs, produced through GWP’s layered fermentation technology.  Used by large and small farmers, also, for lawns, gardeners, golf courses and as well as medicinal specialty crop growers. Outbound has also been found to be effective spray applied in greenhouses, controlled indoor environments, including livestock housing and corrals. Outbound is very friendly to pollinator Bees and the total environment. Outbound’s pleasant aroma creates frequencies that are irritating to flying and chewing insects. It disrupts their regular inhalation, entering their cuticle and epidermis affecting their directional ability. Outbound’s ingredients are derived from all-natural renewable sources and of course nature friendly. Outbound is successfully used throughout the entire farming industry including indoor controlled cannabis and other specialty crops. 


Regular dosage for mature plants 5 to 7 oz. mixed with each gallon of water.  Spray foliage until slightly wet and can be directly applied on soil at same rate or through fertigation at the rate of 2 quarts per 1,000 gallons of irrigation water.  Always check with distributor or directly with Green World Path for any precise application instructions.

CITRUS GROVE RESCUE™ has been found to be extremely effective in destroying the Asian citrus psyllid.


CITRUS GROVE RESCUE™ Citrus Greening, first identified in 1929. It is now destroying the Citrus Industry worldwide. Citrus Greening is a disease spread by an insect named the Asian citrus psyllid. Citrus Grove Rescue has been found to be effective in destroying the Asian citrus psyllid. The product eliminates the citrus bacterial infection. Citrus Grove Rescue reduces tree decline and assist to prevent reoccurrence of citrus greening increasing yield and quality by also applying Total Plus, and ECO Plus.  Citrus Grove Rescue enables trees to produce higher levels of sucrose production through photosynthesis. Citrus Grove Owners have reported improvement in leaf color with only one foliar sprayed application. Citrus Grove Rescue mixed with water, spray applied on foliage is very cost effective. Green World Path has had encouraging reports when applied on other crops that are subject to various types of bacterial infections, they include, most fruit such as apples, grapes, pears, plums, peaches, nut trees and row crops. Citrus Grove rescue contains all-natural ingredients derived from healthy, self-defending vegetation.  Depending on severity of Citrus Greening use 1 to 2 quarts of Citrus Grove Rescue mixed with sufficient water to apply on foliage for each 1 acre.  Reapply monthly during production periods and see the difference. 

Contact GWP for timely and precise application rates.  Of course, Citrus Grove Rescue is Bee friendly and environmentally safe.


Green World Path's Best Ever™ Products

Best Ever™ products are available on a pre-order basis for container sizes and distribution
An Example of an Electric Cold Fogger to be Used When Applying Our Cedar Fog™ Product

CEDARFOG™ controls mosquitoes, bedbugs, gnats, flies, termites, roaches and other annoying insects.

CEDARFOG™ controls mosquitoes, bedbugs, gnats, flies, termites, roaches and other annoying and damaging pest to humans and structures. CedarFog affects the breathing and cuticle intake of oxygen to flying and chewing insects. CedarFog is exceptionally effective by using a hand-held electric cold fogger indoor homes, restaurants, commercial buildings, and hotels.

 Application in homes and other structures: merely close doors and windows place non-diluted CedarFog in a cold fogger spray container, fog entire home or other structure. Leave the area treated for 30 minutes, then reenter. No particular wiping, cleaning of surfaces and cookware. CedarFog is considered nontoxic. There is a slight pleasant aroma lasting about 12 hours. CedarFog permeates all dense cracks and surfaces where unwanted insects may be hiding and reproducing. CedarFog sets up a self-defending natural barrier that insects avoid. CedarFog’s ingredients are derived and harvested from select natural oil-producing plants. Processed through Green World Path’s intensifying, proprietary methods.  No need to tent a home or other structure. 


Contact distributor or Green World Path for more information.  CedarFog is desperately needed worldwide.


For those that love the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing or just in your backyard.  People Protect controls flying and chewing insects like mosquitoes, fly’s, gnats, and more.  Just spray or wipe on skin or clothing.  Can also spray the general area where people congregate.  Best Ever People Protect is produced from several sources of cold pressed essential oils with other natural occurring values added.  Produced through several layered proprietary densely filtered fermentation technology of course environmentally friendly.

Non-toxic and natural ingredients. Spray on a cloth, rub on head and hair. May be applied one or two hours before showering. Shower within 12 hours after applied. Be sure that all bedding and clothing are washed to help prevent reoccurrence.

Best Ever Head Lice Control can also be applied on bedding and surfaces with a hand-held trigger sprayer.

Contains all natural enhanced select oils from plants by using cold nontoxic extraction methods, and without chemicals.

A reminder, headlice can be easily transferred from school children, picked up in movie theaters, motels and where ever people may frequent using upholstered furniture.    

Pet Protect controls flying, annoying insects, fleas, and ticks on dogs, cats, and other animals. Just a couple of sprays or apply with a cloth protects your pets. Also, can be sprayed in outdoor pet housing areas and indoor bedding areas.  Another great nontoxic product only from Green World Path.  Your pets will love the results.

Of course, as always Green World Path only uses its protected, unique proprietary lengthy processes.  That is only one of the reasons our products are the very best and your pets will love you for it.


Please contact us for more information about our Best Ever line of products.  Containers, applicators, and methods and for your possible distribution.

Did You Know? Green World Path products were first developed and tested on numerous farms and ranches over 45 years ago. Green World Path was way ahead of its time, and before the words, “Going Green” was spoken. Green World Paths knowledge came from Mr. Ray Nielsen’s research on his 2,000-acre farms where the learning curve took him from hardcore chemical farming after he witnessed the negative effects of using commercial fertilizers, toxic pest controls. He saw with his own eyes the degradation of his beautiful, heavy clay loam and black soils starting to turn gray. Yes, the advice from manufacturers of these hardcore chemical companies when they were not working as promoted was to use more and more of their chemicals. Well, Mr. Nielsen found a better way and renewed his farm land.

Ray’s going green innovation has reached the pages of numerous agricultural and other news publications.

“My father has always been my inspiration. I grew up helping him on his beautiful farm and watching him grow great and healthy crops without the use of toxic chemicals.” – Ray Nielsen

I have traveled the world, met numerous farmers, and agriculture and government leaders, and spoken at small and large universities and agriculture events. I have also had the privilege of being on National TV in several countries and even debated those who want to keep farm commodity prices low so they can profit at the farmers’ expense. I have always stood up for family farms and helped gather farmers working together in large numbers to sell their crops together at higher prices.  I believe that agricultural and food community is the largest business in the world and no country can be sustainable without a large portion of their GNP coming from agriculture. Agriculture makes countries financially strong. I have taught organic and notox farming every place I have traveled and still do. The Crops and livestock farmers sell exchanges and moves through several layers of commerce providing more jobs over any other industry.

I have always enjoyed and still help farmers grow and market their crops grown without toxins for a stronger and better livelihood. Family farms and all of agriculture is what makes a country financially strong and is the heartbeat of local and national commerce.

I’m very happy and proud and sincerely believe my efforts and teaching helped this now enormous Going Green international movement that we are now all witnessing. Food grown without toxins produces healthier people, healthier animals, and a healthier environment. I will never give up and keep pushing forward for the American Farmer as well as for those in any country for the betterment of tomorrow and today.

Ray Nielsen

We at GWP are very proud of our products. Technology on and beyond what might be found in the Market Place today. Our technology and products found their way successfully throughout the United States and to many other countries.  Yes, the small and large farming communities, and the people we have met are very precious us. We strive to help agriculture to Go Green while building sustainability for farmers and communities, even medicinal health crops, where ever they and we might be.

There is a large agriculture crop industry growing specialty plants with a high-density content of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and protein. Crops producing certain beneficial essential oils for health and medicinal purposes have also become very popular, legal, and useful.

Many of these high-value processed products are on the store shelves and are denser in vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants subsequently increasing one’s energy, endurance, health, and well-being. Consumers are looking for these health food products that have been grown naturally, without toxins.

Another large industry now approved in many states and other countries are Cannabis and Hemp. Hemp products are becoming widely available in stores and even gas stations. Cannabis is another growing industry that is now approved by many states and countries. Research has discovered a multitude of health benefits and medicinal purposes. Cannabis production by licensed growers in controlled indoor environments as well as greenhouses. Regulatory authorities are now placing restrictions on numerous agriculture chemicals for use on these specialty crops due to the product toxins and residual content left in the plants after harvest. Although they are still allowing a small percentage of toxic chemical residue on food crops, consumers have become acutely aware and concerned about these toxins remaining in food crops and are looking for food grown without toxic chemicals.


Green World Path has helped small and large farmers find ways to market their crops as high value by growing them without toxins. Using Green World Path’s products has allowed them to obtain higher prices which adds to their sustainability as well as the health of their local community.

Green World Path products are also bee friendly!


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