Grow Towers

grow up to 10x more per square foot of ground space
Green World Path’s Grow Towers reduce water needs and usage, insect and fungus infiltration, and can be used indoors in cold weather climates with use of grow lights as well as on porches, decks, high rise buildings, backyards and commercial growers. Grow Towers are easy to care for, great conversation pieces, improving the landscape, and beautify yards, decks, and outdoor areas.  Grow Towers have a 20 year or more expected life time, heavily UV protected for any climate. And with any unfriendly styrofoam or irregular recycled plastics.

Agriculture Towers are a food grade nontoxic BPA-free vertical gardening system which permits you to grow up to 10 times more per square foot.  Grow your own organic vegetables, or a commercial growing pick your own grow farm.  Greatly reduces land use verses conventional growing.  Able to maximize crop yield per square foot while planting Pollinator Friendly plants promoting butterfly and bee-friendly environments.

Agriculture Towers are great for flowers, vegetables, herbs and just about anything that grows. Each planter box grows 4 plants – if stacked 5 high grows 20 plants in a two-foot square area. No recycled toxic plastics.

– BPA Free – UV Protected – Vegetable Grade Non-Toxic – High Impact Resistant – Non-Leaching – 10 yr. Life Expectancy – Made in the USA – Pollinator Friendly –


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