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For nearly half a century, Green World Path has remained a leader in worldwide efforts to improve the agricultural landscape of nations, companies, and individuals. Our products are backed by years of research and custom-blended to produce the most effective non-toxic products on the market for all of your growing needs. Our products contain micronutrients, organic carbons, beneficial soil bacteria, and elements in nano form so they are readily available for plant consumption.

Green World Path’s products are produced in our own production and packaging facility located in Plant City, FL and sold worldwide. Our products are developed with our unique fermentation process which has been perfected from 45 years of research. Every custom blend is synergized to build robust plant energy, and this exclusive proprietary advantage is found only at Green World Path.

Owner & Founder, Ray Nielsen

Ray Nielsen, owner and founder of Green World Path, has 45+ years of experience as a farmer, innovator, and developer of products focused on the advancement and continuous development of sustainable, non-toxic, and organic products for farmers worldwide. His work has included active research, and he has experience collaborating with the USDA and various universities to development safe alternatives to conventional fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides.


Green World Path
3507 State Road 574
Plant City, Florida
33563- USA
P: 352-398-3082

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