Green World Path manufactures a complete line of over 30 innovative, organic, and natural products that fertilize, protect, and reduce watering needs for anything that grows. Our products are found all over the world and utilized in all types of environments like organic and conventional farms, hay pastures, turf management, golf courses, municipalities, nurseries, lawns, gardens, greenhouses, and climate controlled indoor growing.

Worldwide Non-toxic Agricultural Organics

Serving Sustainable Growers
Worldwide for 45 Years

Soil Building

Our core concept is to build balanced soil with beneficial bacteria and fungi to grow healthy, thriving plants and increase yield, quality, health, and profit.

Preventative Products

Our products are designed to target the root cause of fungus, insects, and other infestations to prevent them from ever occurring.

Custom Formulas

Our laboratory and manufacturing facilities can build custom-blended formulas for your unique growing enterprise.

Customers are Choosing Chemical Free

Increase Profits While Growing Value

Why Switch from Chemicals to Non-Toxic?

Consumer demand for fruits and vegetables produced in chemical, pesticide, and herbicide free soil has dramatically increased causing many to transition from chemical to non-toxic or organic farming. Green World Path is experienced in helping growers transition. Contact us today, we want to help you.

What Our Say

“I have been using Green World Path products to spray my bushes for over a year now. The amount of growth and condition of the shrubs and trees is absolutely unbelievable. I purposely planned to fill in the back of our home for privacy and noise factor and the Green World Path products used certainly attained that goal for us.”

– Saundra & Robert Piercy

“Two years ago when the cost of synthetic fertilizers skyrocketed I came to Green World Path seeking an effective and affordable alternative for fertilizing my horse pastures. Your staff was very helpful and I have been able to cut my input costs by one half. I have greener and healthier pastures that have been fertilized with products that are safe for my horses and friendly to the environment. It’s a win win situation now at my ranch. This cowboy hat is off to all of you at Green World Path!”

– Rob R.

“On the whole, the results I’ve had using Total, Eco and Outbound over the past three seasons have been great. I’m competing against other tree and shrub care providers that use conventional salt-based root fertilization and chemical pesticides which have no nutritional value. Though I’m biased, I would say that the properties I care for look better (more lush, better foliage color, fewer overall insect and disease problems) than those of my competitors.”

– Bernie Car 
Owner, Organic Air Tree & Shrub Care

“A year ago we got a heavy rain the day after I fertilized my horse pastures with a chemical fertilizer. I was pleased to see a dark greening about 3 days later. Four of my horses became ill with the diagnoses being Laminitis. The Vet said the horses suffered from this from grazing on the grass that was infused with nitrates from the chemical fertilizer. I learned about Greentek HayGraze from a neighbor that has been using it with great success. I now no longer worry for my horses when my pastures are fertilized.”

– Carey M.
Dade City, FL

“I have 25 acres of grazing pastures for my boarding stable of 25 horses. Fertilizer and purchasing hay are two big expenditures. When I switched to Green World Path’s Greentek HayGraze I reduced my fertilizer costs and was very pleased with the results. My boarders have commented that they like the fact that their horses are grazing on grasses that are naturally grown.”

– Paige C.
C & H Boarding Stables

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