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World leader in soil renewal and improvement

World Wide Impact

For nearly a half century Green World Path  has remained a leader world wide striving to improve the agricultural landscape of nations, companies and individuals.

Science and Methodology

Superior understanding and product science is available to you through Green World Path. 

Our product application methods are proven and our concern for your success is personal.


Green World Path offers years of experience in domestic and overseas packaging and shipping. We will walk side by side with you on your path to success.

transition from chemicals to non-toxic sustainable inputs

Customized products and programs

We at Green World Path realize that consideration of your bottom line is paramount when planning  transition. 

Domestic or foreign, we can show you how you can save  money on inputs 

without sacrificing profits.

Increase profits while growing value

Demand for non-toxic grains and hay has already exceeded the supply. 

Diminishing annual yield using chemical inputs, coupled with increasing input costs, have persuaded many growers that the question  to grow without toxins is no longer if...but when.... and how?

Consumers are choosing Chemical free

Cosumers pay more for organic and chemical free food. The demand is rising due to consumer awareness. They, like you the grower, want to do all they can to ensure a healthy future for themselves and their family. Our roots are in farming. Call us. We want to help you and we know how.


Serving Sustainable Growers Worldwide For 45 Years

        Founder Ray Nielsen Celebrates Worldwide Success

  Supporting Growers with unsurpassed products and service

                                                       Highly Effective


                                                  Consumer Friendly   

Non-Toxic Food Producers Are Increasing In Number

                                                              Better Flavor

                                                        Increased Shelf Life

                                                              Healthy Food

                                                           Healthy Animals

                                                      Healthy Environment

    These reasons any many more have awakened  steadily  increasing consumer demand for Fruits, Vegetables, Beef, Pork and Poultry produced 

in soils that are free of harsh chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.


Health Starts With The Soil

Turn the page on increasing  ill health and environmental downspin.

Toxins in soils are passed  to the plants and then to the people and animals that consume the plants.

Our products which have been developed through 45  years of research and successful distribution will change this for you. Please let us help you.

Soil Is Alive

Buildng Soil to Grow Stronger Plants

 This is the core value underlying all we do at Green World Path – all our products, all our methods, all our results – spring from this concept. Synthetic chemicals in agriculture, as well as residential lawn care, and all other growing areas, have destroyed the balance in soils around the world. Our products use sustainable methods, as well as natural and sustainable materials, to begin to restore the soil balance. 

Prevention of Disease

 Our products are designed to  prevent the cause of fungus, insects and other infestations. We don’t like using the word “pesticide” or “fertilizer.” It is all about energy for the plants, building plant health, immune and phyto-defense, increasing yield, quality, health, and profits. As the balance returns, healthier soil grows healthier plants. This creates better yield, and plants less prone to pests, fungus and disease. 

Unsurpassed Quality

Patio Gardener and Plantation owner

will discover world class product quality

and service at Green World Path Intl.

Start with us today!

View our products and select the ones that best serve your goal of yield and quality.

Purchase directly from our store or call us for knowledgeable customized service.

Green World Path...Excellence for over 45 years

Ray Nielsen

 Accomplished leader with 45+ years of experience as a farmer, innovator, and developer of products focused on the advancement and continuous development of sustainable, non-toxic, and organic products for farmers worldwide. Work has included active research and collaboration experience with the USDA and various universities participating in the development of safe alternatives to conventional fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides using organic products for agricultural, horticultural, arboriculture, lawn and garden and landscape applications. 


Please  take a moment to read some of the customer testimonials which we have enjoyed receiving over the years,



Green World Path manufactures a complete line of innovative organic and sustainable products that fertilize, protect, and reduce watering needs for anything that grows. Our products are utilized all over the world, in all sorts of growing environments like organic and conventional farms, hay, pastures, turf management, golf courses, municipalities, nurseries, lawns, gardens, and greenhouses.

We offer over 30 products to suit almost any need. Our laboratory and manufacturing facilities can build custom-blended formulations for whatever unique growing situation you may have.

With 45 plus years in the industry Green World Path has the experience to help. Contact us today.



Green World Path works with you personally and professionally to provide you with optimized product blends based on your soil tests, climate, best practice and any specific challenges you face. we own and operate our own production and packaging facilities thereby assuring you  of complete quality control


45 years of research and experience have led to the discovery and development of our unique fermentation processes which incorporate value added materials. Blends are synergized to build robust plant energy. Exclusive proprietary advantages found only  at Green World Path.

Contact Ray (352) 398-3082

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